Friday, November 15, 2013

I Love Painting!

My red door....just a little touch up.

I love painting. I love all forms of painting, including painting houses. I spent the entire week on a painting gig in a house this past week. After the job was complete I still had the painting bug in me and decided to pull out my deep red Benjamin Moore paint and touch up my front door.

Yes, my door is red, the most brilliant and deep hue of red Benjamin Moore creates. In my personal opinion, there is nothing quite like using Benjamin Moore paints on your projects. Smooth, colorful and in two coats the job it done.

But, I'm a maniac painter. Two extra touch up coats just wasn't enough. I went for the third. Sadly, I went for the third. And in the process learned that Benjamin Moore paints are brilliant in hue on EVERY surface.

The studio is now closed for the rest of the day. I'm going out to get some much needed fresh air.

Can slipped, hit the door,
bounced BACKWARDS and
onto everything behind me and the drop cloth...yes.

....scrub, scrub, scrub...etc.

Tool hero...scraper from my
pottery wheel making supplies.
Peroxide, Dawn Dishwashing Liquid and some Carpet Cleaner.
Carpet is clean but the chair is toast Im afraid.

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