Monday, October 15, 2012

In And Around the Studio

Two repairs drying after being glued.

There is a lot of random juggling going on in the studio. From repairs, to prepping pieces, to adding multiple layers on models, there is a constant flow of "doing" at the moment, but few finishes. Using multi media, especially oils, is time consuming as everything must be layered. Because of this the pattern in the studio has been to have about 10 horses going at one time. I took a few shots of the bays being produced. Even in oils this color is still one of the most tedious to produce in layers.

Around the studio there are...yep, many hearts. At this point I just automatically snap shots of them when I see them. Again, none of these shots were manipulated. Well, perhaps the last one was....

Chaney Hackney going bay. that a heart on the side?

Affinity resin going bay.

Last grass cutting of the season. Made a

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