Sunday, October 21, 2012

Roses on a Pony

The little Fraley resin was crying for bows. Bows are hard to make in epoxy, but roses are easy! Here is how I made little roses for the Fraley resin (which will be for sale at the Leesport, PA show on Nov 10th).

Start with a few small flattened pieces of epoxy.

Roll one flattened piece.

Then keep rolling more flattened
pieces to the original rolled piece.

Once the rose is large cut
the end with a sharp exact

Take the end piece that was just cut off
and smooth it onto the area you wish to attach the rose.
(This will help with attachment.)

Add some leaves before adding the rose bud.

Add the rose bud.

With rose attached...

Add some to the mane as well.


Anonymous said...

I was just wondering what type of epoxy you use and how it works. I have never used it before.... But it looks pretty handy for adding and repairing models. ;)

Michael Scholl said...