Monday, October 8, 2012

Something Neat

A finished candle

I have purchased and received many candles over the years. I love them, especially the ones that smell really good. In most cases there is wax left in the jars once the wicks burn out. It always annoyed me that in some cases a lot of wax was left over, but I started playing around with some ideas and came up with a nice way to repurpose the wax. I thought it might be fun to share what I do.

First, I scoop out the remaining wax with a knife or spoon. I put all the shavings into a tin. A used veggie can works perfectly. I pour water in a pot and then place the tin can in the water and let the water boil. The hot water surrounding the can melts the wax.

Taking a nice container or (in this instance a discarded tea cup found for pennies at a flea market) I put a store bought wick in the center. Wicks can be purchased in packages at your local hobby store.

Pour the melted wax in the pretty container and prop the wick up. I use knives. Then, wait for the wax to solidify.

...with wax still inside!

Fresh wick purchased from the craft store
is placed in the middle of a flea market find tea cup.

Double boiler safely melts the wax.

Knives are propped so the wick doesn't slide while the
wax is slowly solidifying.

The flea market tea cup (purchased a whole box
of various teacups for $1) finding new purpose
as a pretty tea light.


Diane said...

If you put the original glass jar in the freezer sometimes the wax will just pop out with a little effort. It seems to depend on the wax, but more often than not it works. It's also a great way to release a wax tart from a tea light melter (or whatever they call those things! :-) ).

Aloha said...

This is such a fabulous idea! I used to run into the most amazing old teacups at yard sales and estate sales. I always wondered what to do with them. Cute!