Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Trouble Was...

Traditional sized resin in a specific pose
that needs a clear peg for support.

The trouble was...he couldn't stand and I didn't have any clear plastic rods to prop under his front hoof. While fixing an ear recently I got the idea to create my own prop under his hoof to enable him to stand perfectly. Here is how I did it:

1). Pour the baking soda out in a small mound.
2). Add a bit of Zap a Gap glue to the end of the hoof.
3). Gently dip the wet glue in the baking soda mound.
4). Add more glue and let it drip downward. Dip it in the baking soda mound.
5). Continue to drip glue and dip it into the baking soda till the desired length is achieved.

The only two ingredients needed are household baking soda
and Zap A Gap (Crazy Glue works too).

Dripping the glue and adding baking soda.

The process takes a little time but you
can built a custom support peg.

Be sure and check your length as you go along.

Sand down the rough peg.

Horse stands perfectly now.

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