Friday, February 22, 2013

A Crafty Diversion

The new gal "Valentina"

I needed a break from working on painting and horse sculptures and the perfect diversion this week has been the addition of a new hen in the house. My beautiful Cochen "Valentina" arrived on Tuesday this week and I've been inspired not only to sketch her (doesn't she look like has pantaloons on?) but to spruce up the hen house a bit.

After seeing a fun package of wooden slats in the local art store I decided to pick them up and create some "coop art" for my gals. I always find that when Im burnt out (on any project) taking a diversion in a new and fun direction offers much inspiration in many ways. Im not only inspired to work on the horse paintings again but to pick up an old illustration project that has lingered far too long. Here's to crafty inspirations and pet adorations.

Wooden slates set the stage
for the project.

Cutting down the slats.

Paint the slats from dark to light for a "worn country" effect.

Adding color.

Bringing out the "worn" effect with paint.

Printing out the names.
Forgot to print the mirror image of them at first.

Transfer the printed names using xylene and
drill holes in the slats using a Dremel.

The finished project.

Valentina thinking about laying an egg?

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