Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Finishes & Ears

Brigette Eberl's Fjord pony
in mixed media. Commission

My focus this week in the studio has been commissions and repairing horses owners wanted me to take home to fix from the last show I attended. Repair at all the shows I've gone to has been fun and very much sought after. I will be back at the show in Leesport, NY on the 16th of February taking on commissions, but mostly offering repair for both original finish and resins/customs. If you're going be sure to bring your scratched and broken stuff and I'll fix it.

The Eberl Fjord is my latest finished commission. A few spots on her are still drying (hence the shine here or there in the photo.) Looking to have for piece painted? Email me at: My books are always open.

More views of the Eberl Fjord

Pieces getting repair.

Preparing to paint the fixed ears.

Ear repair on a Matriarch resin.

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