Friday, February 15, 2013

All Ears

Not one, but two broken ears on a resin.

Tomorrow I'll be at the model horse show in Leesport, PA offering my "Repair On The Spot" service to anyone at the show (or anyone who stops by really.) Ive come to enjoy repairing show horses that have gotten scratched or damaged.

This one was a piece that spilled over into overtime. The owner was going to be at the next show I was going to be attending so she asked if the horse could come into the studio and if I could just return next time wed see each other and I agreed. I documented his repair as I felt it might be helpful to someone out there.

The basic repair is as follows: 1). Add glue to the ear tip. Hold horse upside down and dip the glue droplet into baking soda. Keep doing this till the "glob" is tall. 2). Dremel down the glob till it looks like an ear. 3). Sand everything down till smooth. 4). Prime. 5). Paint.

Perhaps its easier said than done. That's why I included photos, because sometimes those help better than words.

Baking soda and glue bond to create new ears.

Slowly add the mixture.

Using a Dremel carve out the globs.

Smoothing out the globs till they
are seamless.

Carving out the inner ear.

Finished ears from the back.

Finished ears from the front.

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