Monday, February 11, 2013

Repair: Mule

Strange light brown mark on the side of the muzzle.

At the local model horse shows I've been taking on repairs. It's been fun, not only seeing other artist's work up close, but it's been satisfying fixing show horses and watching them go on that day to continue winning for their owners. The next show I'll be at offering on the spot repair will be the Berks County show on Feb 16th in Leesport PA.

This was a repair I thought would be fun to document. It's a minor repair, but the strange light mark on the side of the muzzle was definitely taking off points in the ring for the owner so I eliminated it with some glazing.

A 50-50 mixture of acrylic paint
and Liquitex Glazing Medium is used to slowly cover this mark.

More layers added

Each layer must dry fully before
an additional layer is added.

Spot is now hidden.

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