Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beach Goer

Squishing sand in the hands

It's hard to believe that summer is almost over. Just a couple more weeks and the pool will be closed and my son will be back to school. Although I've already begun to prepare for long hours in the studio working while he is learning, I look on my fridge to find a list of "to dos" we had planned this summer that are only half complete.

~ Go to the zoo. Nada
~ Go to the aquariaum. Nope
~ Go to the circus, with daddy. Negatory
~ Go to the beach. YES!


So yes, we did finally manage to go the beach this summer and that day was yesterday. It was a long 40 minute walk, but once there my son was thrilled and excited to be in the water. For me it was nerve racking. The surf was rough because of Hurricane Bill and the constant thought of him being swept away to sea was totally on my mind. Awful thought. The water was particularly dirty with tons of crud floatin in it too. Nothing I can't stand more than crud hitting my feet and legs in the water that doesn't feel like a seashell or a piece of slimy seaweed. But I hunkered down and enjoyed my son enjoying the ebb and flow of the waves. I was ill prepared for all the sand though. I hated how the sand was just up in everything, especially on my hands and between my fingers. That really freaked me out. No matter how much I tried I couldn't get the sand off my hands. Next time we bring a BIG, BIG, BIG blanket!


Francesco kept waving his arms and sand was flying. He wanted to build a sand castle but the more we dug the more "treasures" like cig butts and coffee tabs we found. The thought that people could be so careless with their garbage right ON the sand really annoyed me. Of course, what did I expect? It is a NYC beach and the one we went to was one of the cleanest around.


Contrary to me he loved the feel of the sand though and was flapping and rolling about IN it which sent lots of sand flying....IN MY DIRECTION. All I can say is it was so good to be back home. I have come to the conclusion that I will never be a good beach comber or a great castaway. I like my cushy pool and lounge chair in the sun. Ending the day with a soothing cup of coffee in my new mug and a waffle topped with whipped cream hit the spot...for both of us!

Breakfast for dinner

Of course, taking some time to enjoy the most recent raku pieces out of the new raku kiln was also a comfort. I dare say I am getting better at this raku thing. The glazes from Georgies really and truly make the difference. Such quality compared to the other commercial brands. I feel another Christmas request of, "I want more glazes from Georgies" going on my personal list for the family Kris Kringle. I know they think I'm wacky, but I just can't help myself. Forget the bags and shoes...give me glaze baby!

Latest raku pieces

Here are close ups of my two favorites from this firing. I just love that last piece. The edge has such an antique feel. Like something found at an archilogical site. Yep, I am totally hooked on raku.

Close up of the crackle piece

My favorite from this firing

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