Friday, August 14, 2009

Caught Him!

Chaney china in mulberry grey

I caught him!

Here is the Donna Chaney mulberry grey piece I was talking about yesterday. He has been a shy critter. Every time I try and take a shot of him it comes out either blurry or rotten. I know he isn't bad looking, he's actually coming along rather nice. He just doesn't like to be photographed. Its the china. It can be temper mental on film.

Today is another family party so I'll be poolside in a half an hour. I'll try and gather my thoughts for some articles I need to write and will prep a few horses in between swimming. The weekend should prove to be another busy one with a block party (I'll get photos of that as many of you probably have never seen a Brooklyn block party) and a night swim party in Long Island. That one is tonight so it's going to be a busy time right out of the starting gate.

Another shot of the Andy

Peek at my sketchbook page

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