Thursday, August 20, 2009

This Week's Silence

Chaney "Andalusian" custom glazed
Currently for sale.

This week's silence has been a mixture of lots of deadlines peppered with one heck of a heat wave. The computer is in the kitchen. The kitchen has no air conditioning. The best place to be in NYC during a scorcher is in a pool or under a fire hydrant. Luckily we have a pool and have been taking advantage of it every day. Unfortunately, work online gets relegated to early morning when the heat isn't so bad.

I can tell you that without a doubt it has been BUSY here! I'm juggling a ton of projects and all at once. I even pulled my wheel outside today and pulled some pottery in between swimming. It was probably the most productive and relaxing time on the wheel I have ever had. So, without any more chit chattin' here in the swealtering heat of the kitchen, I give you a few photos of what has been happening:

New pottery pulled today out
in the open air.

Finally got that white crackle
glaze to crackle. So pretty.

Commission for a 25th Wedding Anniversary.
Loved painting a bird. Must do more.

Detail of one of the raku bowls

A few new raku pieces

Play date with girl next door

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