Sunday, August 16, 2009

Block Party!!

Swim time!

These final weekends in the summer will be packed with swimming, parties and get togethers. It's a fun time, but a busy one and yesterday was one of the first block parties we attended this summer. Basically, they shut down the street, block it off with cars and police tape and everyone on the block comes out, sets up tents, brings out a ton of food, invites friends and family and parties till 2 am or so.

The men open up the fire hydrants and the kids come out in their suits to cool off. The street is filled with adults flingin' raw eggs at each other and silly string and the kids ride their bikes and pop off those noise poppers at each other. Half way through the day a DJ sets up and blasts music. It doesn't matter what is hot on the radio now when "It Takes Two" comes out of those speaker on a Brooklyn street everyone gets up to dance!

Part of the block

Silly string!!!

Lookin to attack with string!

There is much food, dance and talk amongst the neighbors. Yesterday's block party was small with only 30 kids on the block. Some parties there are more and the parents actually hire security on either end of the street so no child is lost or stolen. This was the first year that my son really got to play and he ran around like wild. It was fun to watch.

Overall, its a positive, fun time filled with such good energy! This dude though had the MOST energy of the entire block! Dude danced/moved for over 4 hours straight! After a while we couldn't take the fact that he was the only one dancing so we all went out there, but gotta give my friend Vanessa props...she went out first. You go girl! Man, they said he wasn't coked up. His energy was natural. I so want THAT energy for my studio work!!!! Woooo baby!

You go girl!

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