Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crazy Days


It's been a crazy few weeks. I'm sneakin' in a blog post between some deadlines I've been graciously given leeway on. Phew! Thankfully that editor is cool and awesome and understanding. It's just been crazy! I know, I know....you see another post about a BBQ and another get together (had another one this past weekend in NJ) and there are a few parties spattered about. Sounds like I'm having the life. In all honesty, these get togethers are opportunities to sell art and art has been selling and it's been fantastic especially in the current climate. Selling one's self in person is much more difficult than doing it online. You have to look good, speak well and have those business cards handy and know when to pull them out. It's an art and I'm happy to say that I'm finally very comfortable doing that and throwin about my art "pitch." It's a challenge that I like. It's hard to believe that I've run through all my cards. I'm almost out. I need to make more....but not until I complete this deadline which is now screaming at me. Better run!

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