Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Grind

Sneak Peeks
at up coming things

The summer is over.

After the table is cleared on Labor Day something just happens psychologically. The mind just doesn't want to be in the sun any longer. The body has had enough. The pool is no longer inviting or fun and the urge to hide away in the basement at my desk is strong.

The urge hit me yesterday and my son and I hunkered down to work. He made Christmas ornaments in clay while I chopped away at some stablemate sized horses. It was fun to be working again side by side and to be chopping up critters, letting my mind flow with creativity.

Be sure to join Just About Horses a publication of Breyer Animal Creations to read all about how I transform a stablemate from one pose to another. I believe its safe to's extreme!

Finished Raku bead bracelet

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