Saturday, September 26, 2009

They Played It!!!


YES! They played it!

They played my most favorite song AND a few other favorite oldies at the Giant Stadium concert. The concert, in a nutshell, was......AMAZING! I was in my glory and I have been reliving the concert through other people's vids cause my phone just didn't capture anything well. Perhaps I was just too excited and was shaking too much. The person who took this vid though had such a great view!!! Our seats weren't as great as I had hoped. Note to self....row 41 at Giant's Stadium on the 1st tier...SUCKS!!!

But never fear....when with cuz Angela you make do and MOVE! We hopped down a bit and was able to see the video screen and that really saved me from going insane. Gotta see what's going on! The tailgate party was really rockin too with yummy finger pickin' food from cousin Stevie's restaurant. What a night! Good memories and I'm fully inspired.

Cousin's Tom, Livia, Stevie and me

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