Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thinking Christmas

Photo table


It's hard to think about THAT holiday again, especially when last year's was an abomination, but alas this week I've had Christmas things on the brain. Not by choice, cause I'm still weeping about the pool being closed this weekend and holidays are the LAST thing on my mind, but Im thinkin' Christmas because of the need to complete a JAH cover.

This year's Holiday Horse is a pretty take on the Nutcracker Suite and I've been asked by Breyer to shoot something rather festive. I am so thankful for good friends because if it weren't for my good friend Vanessa the reshoot on this project would have been...well...just torture without a small Christmas tree she was able to procure for me. It was the one request from my editor that I didnt have and I was besides myself on Thursday.

It turns out that that little tree not only saved the photo, but it opened up new doors of ideas for me for future shots with trees in the background. It seems to work nicely in the backgrounds without any decorations. Good ideas flowin and a cover done before the middle of a beautiful Saturday is my kind of perfect day!

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