Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chicken Lady

Woaha! I need to clip some wings!!!
I had no idea they could fly up that high
without much effort!

"The chicken lady who plays with clay."

If anyone would ask me to describe myself that is what I would say. Without a doubt I have officially become the chicken lady this week. Perhaps it's the pressure of the upcoming fair and my kiln being too damned small to make a dent in all that I have made that is driving me loopey, but I've found myself just sitting about the garden petting my chickens. It's soothing. It's meditative. It takes away the thoughts that I really, really, really need to spend that money to upgrade my needs in the studio. I can't ignore that any longer. I need to get a bigger kiln.

Newest Raku sculpt

Perhaps that is why I am really enjoying the raku firing process as I've come to know it in my little world. I fire electrically with the Paragon Quick Fire then plunge the red hot pieces into metal coffee cans. It works. It's not traditional, but it sure as hell works. Check out that sculpt! I love it! I almost don't want to sell it. There is something so satisfying about it to my eye. There is something "chicken" about the shape too. I can see a head...a tail...some legs....a chicken!

It's official...I'm the chicken lady!

Close up of raku sculpture

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