Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Harvest

China painted Harvest piece
Currently for sale: $65ppd

The harvest....

Can it really be upon us already? Can Thanksgiving and the whole holiday hullaballo really be right around the corner already? It was just January wasn't it? A good friend asked what goals I had accomplished for 2009 and what I was thinking to accomplish in 2010. The question made me stop and think. Then I said aloud, "IS IT REALLY ALMOST 2010 ALREADY!!!!"

My art and mind has been pulled in many directions this year. At times I had difficulty keeping up, but I believe that every success and every failure taught me very good lessons. From Raku firing to building a pit kiln (which I never did use) to sculpting just a little bit better to china painting a ton of things to watching my son grown just a little more into his own little person, its been an incredible year of mostly good things.

In this last month I'll be focusing on lingering commissions. I'll be creating new china painted pieces for some wonderful repeat clients and hopefully watching Lil Pumpkin become a resin reality. I'll also be participating in my church's Christmas Fair again this year. I'm all paid up and trying like MAD to get a 8 foot table filled with pottery and beautiful raku things people will want to purchase. Again, all good things. Although it's so hectic it's all good. The end of 2009 watch out...I'm flyin down the hill top sPeED!!!

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