Monday, November 9, 2009



Look at that mold!

Man, it's almost perfect. Perfect like the molds Lesli makes when she is churnin and workin the plaster. Proud. Man, was I proud when that puppy came out from the Legos. I couldn't believe that after 2 years of struggling with moldmaking (and having success with the INSIDE of the molds) that I FINALLY...FINALLY....F I N A L L Y....made a somewhat decent looking mold. Man, it's something I could actually store gracefully and neatly in the storage room. Its somehting to write home about (and I did!) and I'd even go as far as saying.....yes, its Kathman-worthy. I pulled out my perfect and beautiful Kathman stock horse mold and let it sit next to it. It sat proud. I made a nice mold. My teacher, Lesli, would be proud. If it werent for Lesli taking the time to explain a few simple things to me about plaster and mold making a few years ago I would still be floundering about the pavement.


Of course, there is also Joanie B's words floatin around up in my brain. Wow, how they are whippin about today. "It doesn't matter what it looks on the outside....its what comes out of it that counts." And, as you can see, there aint NOTHIN coming out of this pretty, perfect pristine mold!

Back to the drawing board.

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