Thursday, June 16, 2011

Folded, Boxed....Ready....

My kiln guardian waiting
patiently for the move

I never noticed how much noise the fluorescent lights make in the basement until tonight when everything recognizable in the studio was packed and folded and either pushed to the side or taken to the hallway. It was so empty without my stuff. I sat in the middle of that basement completely exhausted and thinking that despite the overflow (on a monthly basis) from the sewer I did manage to created many beautiful pieces of art in this basement. Now a new basement awaits and I am anxious to get my stuff in the new home. Friday truly can't come soon enough.

Everything folded and ready

There is one thing I will miss. I will miss my china cabinet. It was a lovely antique but sadly there is just no way to get it out of the house so I will leave it and hope something nice comes along for me to display my show string. Which, I must admit, was quickly placed in two crates. I plan on keeping them with me in the front seat of the truck. Hopefully they will arrive at their new home unscathed.
Bye china cabinet

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