Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Reality Of It All....

I know....more wrong doings....
I know.

The reality of it all is packing up 2 studios and a life.....stinks. I'm trying my best to not crash as commissions keep coming in and work waits. I keep trying to hold it together as boxes give (as do crates with very expensive resins) and am thinking that after next week all should be well. All will be in place and I can finally rest for good in my new home in PA.

Of course, all this moving and shifting hasn't been without damage. Leaving all my "soon to be cast" wax sculptures in the hot car for half a day was a very, very grave mistake. Every single one melted. The worst to suffer was my Ophelia sculpture. I made such good progress on her and was excited to see her come to fruition later this summer. She is nothing but a lump now. It's gruesome to look at and best to scrap what is here and just start over to be honest. All that work....all gone.

Squished all around

But there have been some very quiet and rewarding moments in all this transition. Laundry blowing in the breeze seemed to satisfy on many levels today. Not quite sure if it were the multitude of birds flying around the yard, the laundry itself that pleased or the baby bunny who was very entertained watching me as I hung these curtains out to dry that brought a simple but happy calm. In any case, I'm taking the good with the bad and looking forward to next week when I'm in the new home and PA bound for good.

White on white in a sea of green

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