Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Traveling On

My most prized china
An "Excalibur" by Sarah Mink
Riding safely right next to me.

So the big move to the new home/studio came and went this past weekend and I survived. I survived driving a rental truck not only on Route 80, but I made it through the narrow streets of Brooklyn. I was in an utter panic when I found out I couldn't take the spacious Belt Parkway to the Verrizano Bridge. Nope. Commercial vehicles are not allowed. I had to travel under the elevated train tracks with the rest of the commercial traffic. I did it. I survived and didn't kill myself or the truck or any of the other drivers/pedestrians in the process.

My collection of fine china and artist resins also survived of which I am thankful because I really didn't pack most properly. I packed in a hurry and was very cheap with the bubble wrap. Murphy really could have had a field day with me but held back for whatever thankful reason. The only thing that did break was a beautiful hand blown glass vase my grandmother purchased for me the Christmas before she passed. THAT was packed properly and broke. I have decided to use parts of it in a mosaic project and I may melt some in future pottery projects.

I'm giving credit to all this good fortune in travel to my little kiln buddy "Blueboo" the kiln guardian who rode front and center the entire trip. Where ever the kilns are he is and with my main kiln in the back it was fitting he sit nice and easy in in the cab. Driving that truck sucked. He made it easier because he was a pleasure to look at during the long trip. Nothing like a familiar face to help ease a difficult transition. Speaking of familiar faces I cannot go any further here with my "trip experience" without giving a proper thank you to my adopted brother Tony whom I've known (and my family has known) since I was a teenager. He was the familiar face waiting at the house for me. He was ready, willing and able (and bearing gifts of fresh coffee) to help me unpack. From the bottom of my heart I thank him. God has placed some wonderful people in my life and Tony has been huge in the transition of my new life. Thank you bro!

After the long journey I noticed....
....yep, a heart on the ground.

But packing and unpacking a truck is only one part of the process. Unpacking the unpacked boxes is another and the urge to fill these shelves was great so the entire weekend was spent filling them. I'm actually rather shocked I've filled most of the shelves up already. I'm honestly not sure where I put all this stuff in the Brooklyn home. It's nice to see it properly set up in the new studio though. I'm very inspired seeing all of it in a new space. I want to use it all/paint it all now. I took a ton of photos to document the process. One day I'll look back and think how the hell all this managed to come into place the way it did. Here are some of the best shots:

Shots of the New Studio

Shelves for storing china wares

The main drafting table

More Storage.
PS...that is an unpainted factory finish and he's fs.

Resin storage

"Blueboo" in his new spot
quietly guarding the kilns

The perfect place for Emile.
Scared the crap out of my mom.

Of course, the chickens also made the trip from Brooklyn to PA and were not happy about their journey or their accommodations....at ALL! They protested quite loudly and I am scrambling to make them a proper coop. I just couldn't fit their old one in the van or the car. Even after having taken it apart the boards were just too long and honestly, I was just too tired to worry about it at that point. The gals will get a nice new coop now. Until then though, I'm getting major stink eye from them. Some type of worms should soothe relations over.

I will not even
TOUCH the floor here!

All kidding aside, it's good to be home. Let the creativity begin. :)

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