Monday, January 14, 2013


"Hitler Invades Poland" by Arshile Gorky.
Arshile Gorky is my favorite Abstract Expressionist

Combine inspiration from an Arshile Gorky painting I found on Pinintest yesterday with a favorite song from Suzanne Vega (played on loop for most of the night) and then combine each of those with some beautiful words I read today online and suddenly a new burst of inspiration illustration wise occured and Im on the verge of solving an illustration issue that has been plaquing me for close to over a year now.

The piece didnt start out as much but I went with the combined inspirations and am now onto something new and exciting.

"The Letter"
Mixed media on archival bristol.

Close up

"If language were liquid it would be rushing in.
Instead here we are in a silence more eloquent than any word could ever be."

~Suzanne Vega

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