Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Progress on a Snow Day

"Snow Day"
Graphite and acrylics on canvas paper.

It snowed last night which produced a beautiful day off from school for my son. Snow days are definitely one of the perks of living in Pennsylvania as compared to Brooklyn.

I happily welcomed the extra full day in the studio today and was able to spend a good amount of time on quite a few projects, including visiting resins like the "Dante" resin. The best part is that the day is still young!

Thinking about having that resin painted? My commission books are currently open! For more information and to check out two recently finished pieces be sure to check out my page on MHSP. Thanks!

Commissioned "Dante" resin before
adding dapples.

Couldn't resist this shot early this morning.

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Niroot said...

Gah, I want a Dante resin so very badly.