Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In January...

Hand drawn ornament created by my son.
My favorite of all the ones he's created.

By the first week of January my Christmas tree is normally taken down and put away, but this year I wanted to enjoy it just a couple more weeks. Sometimes inspiration comes by just being still and enjoying a view. For me two of my favorite ornaments brought a good deal of inspiration. One that my son created for me brought the realization that I need to draw more and return to my illustrations soon. I miss illustrating on a more serious scale.

The other that inspired was an ornament created for me by the very talented Lesli Kathman. It reminded me that I miss clay and I need to get back to it this year, if only on a very small scale.

Earthenware ornament created by Lesli Kathman.
My favorite ornament of all.

"Working Girl" in progress.

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