Sunday, January 6, 2013


Slim pickins in the paint bin....for now.


I'm waiting patiently for my paints and canvases to return from Maui. Lucky art supplies got to stay longer than I did. No denying it, I am missing Maui greatly. I am missing the colors, the landscapes, the people, the food and the happy positive energy.

I've always loved the fog and greyness of the Northeast, but now my color palette has been challenged and opened to new and vibrant colors. Even while painting a "Working Girl" resin to grulla I felt the need to whip up a bright purple combo to lay on her hindquarters and parts of her belly. It changed her and made a world of difference. I'll never look at color the same again and I long to go back and paint more of Maui. It's all I've been thinking about.

Absolutely no reason to post this
other than it made me laugh on a grey dreary day. LOL

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