Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sharing The Elsies

The Sarah Mink "Elsie" resin is visiting my studio. One is going grulla while the other is being painted bay roan. During the summer I had quite a discussion with a fellow hobbiest about the differences of each color, especially in the initial stages. No matter how much I tried I just couldn't explain my glazing and layering technique well back in the summer months.

Both pieces are slowly coming along with many layers of glazing and I took the opportunity to snap both of them together in a photograph so you can see how very different both colors are even at this stage. Make no mistake one IS a grulla and the other IS a bay roan. Both look vastly different when viewed together.

Is it grulla? Is it bay roan?

Is it bay roan? Is it grulla?

Grulla in front and bay roan in the back.

Even from a "bird's eye" view the colors on
the body are even very different.

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