Monday, December 5, 2011

Dumpster Diver

Finished mirror pulled from a dumpster

Ok, I must confess, I love garbage. I love garbage day. I can't resist peeking into people's garbage bins. Sidewalk's lined with discarded junk makes my toes curl.

I am a dumpster diver.

Over the years I have found some amazing pieces of furniture discarded on the sidewalk and in garbage pails. Of course, they are never amazing at first. They need a hell of a lot of tlc most of the time. The best part about discarded pieces is that if the project doesn't turn out you can just throw it back out on the sidewalk next garbage day. Until now I have only picked up stuff from the side of the road. I have never actually had the opportunity to dive head first into a real dumpster until a few weeks ago when my lovely neighbor invited me to throw away things I didn't want in a dumpster she rented. She was clearing out her attic and didn't really fill the large dumpster. Little did I know how wonderful such a thing would be for my artistic sensibilities. I found lace and ceramics and pieces of furniture and many broken things that needed a lot of tlc. Out of the entire dumpster the most choice piece was, without a doubt, an unwanted and discarded mirror. It was old. It was worn. The mirror had pitting but once I had a vision of it painted and sitting in my front room, I had to have it.

I documented the painting process. It took about two days to complete and was quite a lot of fun.

Discarded mirror from dumpster

Spray painting areas with silver

Adding shadow to areas

Painting a base color on the wood

Adding shadow work to the base paint


Another view

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