Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bar Sketching -Tommyboy's Bar & Grill

As Im sketching brother says,
"Hay, I think I know him!" He did!

Wings. Beer. My baby brother....and a ton of people to sketch once again at the local bar. The beer was good. The wings, excellent as was the company and the sketching was fun. One theme throughout the night was "hats". Most people were wearing hats which proved to be a challenge to draw since most were floppy fabric hats. I only included the hat sketches I felt were "somewhat" of a success. Most were flops. I just couldn't draw them on the heads. These were some of my favorites from the night.

That's a beret. It was difficult.
I don't feel I succeeded in capturing it, but
I love the way this drawing came out.


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