Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Impromptu drawing of Tony
Done with both hands at once.

Sometimes you just have to stop and thank your lucky stars you have the people in your life that you do. This past Christmas I was fortune enough to be able to spend time with my adopted brother Tony. I've known him since I was in my early teens and I can honestly say that he is one of the most loving, generous and caring people I have ever met. The transition to PA would never have gone as well as it did without him there.

Yeah, cause Tony doesn't just show up to help you unload a whole Budget rental truck cause he's got muscle to spare. Oh no, Tony is there with tissues to dry your eyes and a nice hot cup of fresh coffee and a ton of laughs waiting to sooth your soul. The only words that come to mind as I remember this time: I AM BLESSED.

How fortunate I was able to get this photo (compliments of my friend Tracey). It will be printed and hung in my house somewhere. We are all on a journey together. Some come and go from our lives quickly. Some come in and go out and come back again. How fortunate we are to have all these souls interacting with ours. As this year winds down and Im thinking of all that has transpired in the last twelve months I give thanks for all those wonderful souls in mine.

You are all loved.
Thank you for being in mine and enriching me and helping me in my journey.

My adopted brother Tony

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