Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nine Little Landscapes

Palettes and canvases ready

First Christmas in the new home required a party. Just a little something to not only say thank you to my family and to my friends who continually helped me out in various way throughout the year, but to officially unveil the house dressed up in it's finest. The tree was lit as was the fireplace and food and drinks were in abundance. There was much talk both light and deep.

I wish all my friends who were invited came. Not all did. I understand. It would have been nice to see everyone again all together under my roof. The retelling (or in some instances telling for the first time) the story of how I came about getting the house (nail biting experience) would have been even better and all the trials and tribulations of new home ownership even funnier. For those that were there though the night went late and it was a night of joy, celebration and nine little paintings for my dear friends and family.

I have to thank my dear, dear friend Char who traveled two hours to celebrate with me. Who has been there continually throughout my new house transition. The night ran as smooth and as well as it did because of you. I cherish our deep and profound conversations. Try and remember, and I will too, that sometimes not getting what you want IS a wonderful stroke of luck.

Okay....who am I kidding? Only another Baja Rosa will help.

Pencil outline on canvas

Blocking in the sky

Blocking in the ground.

Adding trees and details.


Finishes with added hanging ribbon

One left as is and propped
on an easel.

There was one person invited that I suspected didn't have a tree so I decided to pop that piece up against a mini easel (which rendered a very cool effect.) Next time I paint a series of mini canvases I will have to definitely offer them with mini easels.

~"Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck." ~ Dalai Lama

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