Thursday, December 22, 2011


Two on the desk

The reality of it is I have not one, but two computers cluttering my already tiny desk. The old one is giving major fits, especially on the keyboard and pad and it still will not run the internet, but it has all my design programs on it (CS2) and I have to wait to get CS5 for the new computer. There is so much stored in my old computer that I need to transfer to the new computer that I'm not sure where to begin. All I know is if I keep both open and work on one then on the other things are sorta getting accomplished.

I will say I hate all the "extras" on the new Mac. Most of it is unnecessary in my opinion and the stuff I came to love on the old Mac (like having a large time clock with date sitting on my desktop screen) is gone. There are a ton of windows that pop open when Im trying to click on links or refresh a page. I had a hell of a time trying to find the side scroll bar till I figured out how to adjust it. Whine. LOL I miss my old computer and fear I will need to take some time during Christmas break to just fiddle with all the "extras" and get familiar with the "Lion" here. One definite perk is that the new machine has a brand new battery which means I can get familiar in front of the fire place or in the kitchen or anywhere I choose since it can travel away from a wall plug. In time Im sure I'll come to love it.

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