Monday, December 26, 2011

Love Trumps...Of Course, a Puppy Helps Too

No need to be concerned...
tree is not on fire....just well lit!

A large part of me has grown to hate Christmas. So many people have lost sight of the true meaning which revolves around love and light and for Christians like myself, a birth, which brings hope. Every year remembering Christ's birth brings new hope for a new year. Each year I seem to spend more and more time watching people on the sidelines as they display less than human qualities during this special time. In most cases, I don't even want to draw them. Their energy drains me and they make me feel very uninspired.

This holiday brought a *trunk* full of toys/gifts for my son (from family/friends on both sides) which was carted from one car to another at a drop off point where my x-husband and I meet to exchange our son. It was, to say the least, uninspiring for me. I must admit the x looked uninspired as well. Leggos, Halos, DNS with games and a ton of other boxes including a DVD player all packed into my little car and then all was carted out of the car into the house and placed under the tree to stay until the Epiphany.

The Epiphany....yeah, that's when the Wise Men come to visit the Christ child. Of course I'm not sure what the Wise men would say to such an overload if our house was the one they had to visit. Would they frown? Could they pick the winner in the Family Feud of whom trumped whom this year? Maybe the one wiseman would say, "Hay this cardboard house you put together and color is awesome!" while the other would disagree as he was toggling through the "Rango" scene selections on the latest kid sized portable dvd player. Or maybe they would be pleased to see that in the end the real meaning hasn't been completely lost. There are some things that are just timeless and no matter how new, how shiny or how "latest/greatest" something is kids just instinctively know the real deal and when presented with it they go for it without question. In the end, love in every form prevails and all a child really needs and remembers is the love and the attention you give them. The rest is just extra and frankly, unnecessary.

Love trumps all

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