Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dumpster Diving Take....?

Old nightstand taken from a dumpster.

I love dumpster diving. At this point I've completely lost count of the amount of times I've dove into other people's garbage to retrieve choice items that could be restored. Believe it or not, this cherry wood nightstand was retrieved from a huge metal dumpster last fall and it's been shoved in the corner of my living room since then just waiting for a vision.

Sometimes I get a vision for a piece immediately, other times it takes a while for thoughts about a piece to surface. The purchase of a new
lamp that would eventually sit on this table prompted me to finish the piece. Almost immediately I saw a black high glossy marble top.

View of the top.

Entire piece was cleaned with soap and water
and then further cleaned with tung oil. Top is painted black.

Marble details painted on and gloss finish added.

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