Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Quick shot of the work desk

My thoughts and creativity is off in many directions today. As I was going about my day I was noticing a ton of stuff Ive been meaning to incorporate into various posts but never got around to it. So this post will be random. Random pictures and random thoughts….oh and a quick shot of the work desk.

The mice play everywhere about
my studio. They keep me entertained.

There are the tiniest clovers
growing in my front yard. I've been
meaning to capture them.

I hear the babies and their parents
all day long from my studio window.
The babies seem to be ready to fly soon. Hope they all make it....

Isn't he delicious!!!??
I've been busting to draw this thing since January! Soon!

I love my rock wall.

Lastly, because I just love to blog and read other people's blogs I wanted to share this little lady's blog. She's doing a great job and it was fun to read. Never Seconds Blog.

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