Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Broken (Part II)

Sometimes pieces break and in the first part of "Broken" I documented the repair of a Lil Pumpkin resin who took a huge fall off a shelf onto the floor. Her leg broke and was never found again. A new leg had to be constructed from scratch. This is the second part of that repair. In the end she looks good as new.

Epoxy leg pieces are attached to stump
using Zap a Gap and ordinary baking soda.
(The baking soda helps the glue dry instantly.)

Glue is allowed to set and dry for a few minutes
then the entire area is sanded.

Once the area is sanded I like to
buff the entire repair.

Repair and stump meet perfectly
and are sanded clean leaving no bumps or lines.

New leg is painted to blend in
with the rest of the piece.

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