Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beauty in Decay Part ?

Painting station moved outside today.

I workout just about every day. Running and lifting keeps me grounded and I enjoy it. I get some of my best ideas when I workout and I've learned to keep paper and pencil close by for unexpected ideas.

When I run I mostly see things I want to draw. This spring my neighborhood has been ripe with many cracked bird eggs and of course baby birds who fell out of their nests, both of which I really love to draw. Not one of the baby birds I have found have been the same. They have all been different and have offered their own set of challenges. Today the most challenging (and dare I say, goriest) bird lie on the sidewalk as I ran the park square. I circled that park square a few times and each time around stopped to look at the bird. In the end I decided it would probably be way too smelly an adventure to pick up that bird and then sit and draw that bird.

Thoughout the rest of my run though I couldn't stop thinking about the baby bird and at one point my mind began to draw it. By the time I started in on my weights my mind had sealed the deal...I was going back and getting that bird. He'd definitely still be there.

With a porcelain dustpan and large palette knife in hand I went and scooped up that baby bird from the sidewalk and brought him home. Yep, he was pretty ripe so I decided to draw outside on my stoop which actually proved to be very pleasurable and afterwards when I sat down to work on a few model horses that needed meticulous detailing the time just flew. Studio work will resume, once again, tomorrow outside on the stoop.

Pencil drawing of bird.

Adding color.

More detail. No, I didn't forget the head.
He sorta didn't have one.

"Beauty in Decay IV"
Graphite and watercolor on archival bristol

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