Saturday, June 2, 2012

Big Photo Shoot!

Photo shoot today at the drafting table.

Today was the day of the big photoshoot. Five horses all lined up looking their prettiest for the camera. The photo session started out like most, pile everything into each arm, including the very expensive photo lamps and drag everything to the cellar studio to photograph either in the photo cube or on the desk. In the process the lamp of course, slipped out of my hand, crashed to the ground and the bulb shattered. In the span of less than six months I've broken two so far.

So the photoshoot took place at my drafting table with my studio lamp for lighting. Before I had the photo cube this was the only way for me to take photos. I honestly seemed to enjoy it better like this instead of the photo cube. In a way it was nice to revisit this method and a couple of hours seemed to fly. Without a doubt my favorite backdrops and set ups are still those snow scenes. For whatever reason the horses seem to just sparkle in these scenes.

Mini Covenant in dappled chestnut.
Portrait commission

Little Lonestar in calico

LIttle Lonestar other side.

"Maggie" resin in bay going grey.

"Netsky" resin in strawberry roan appy.

Yes, its a horse apple….the perfect prop for
photoshoots. Its in most of the shots. Can you see it?

Fixing prop around "Lil Pumpkin" before her shoot.
You can see how tiny she is here next to my hand.

"LIl Pumpkin" in a snow scene.

At one point I decided to try to tack up the visiting Little Lonestar and then remembered why my beautiful collection of tack remains in my tack box. I can't deal with buckling such tiny buckles. I never could get them right. I do have some pretty saddles in my collection and I let the new horses quickly model them for me. I think that English saddle would have really looked great on the Lonestar properly tacked and shot in the one scene.

In the end, a productive day. I hope all owners will be pleased. commission books ARE OPEN so please feel free to email me with your project ideas both big and small:

Playing with tack.

Its too big for Netsky but the color
of this saddle looks great on her.

I LOVE this saddle on him!
I tried to really tack him up but I just couldn't deal
with all those teenie tiny buckles. Hats off to all you
performance showers out there. Hats off!

This set was made by Kim Ford and she did an AMAZING job. The sell for me was the gun/gun holder and back pack roll thingie. I LOVED this set and just pull it out and stare at her workmanship some days.

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