Friday, June 15, 2012

God Box Take II

Plain box purchased at a craft store.

I could not let this issue of the failed God Box go. A few days after this project crashed and burned I found myself purchasing much needed art supplies at a local art store and found, to my delight, a ton of premade wooden boxes. The one with the carved flowers caught my eye almost immediately and I felt it would make the perfect "God Box" and so upon purchasing it I began to paint it in my head.

The first thing that came to my head was black marble. I had to paint it to resemble a black marble box. It's much better than the other two boxes I struggled with and I'm very happy with the color combinations. The colors are actually fueling my ideas with a piece of furniture that waits to be finished.

Using painter's blue tape to protect the
flowered area from black paint.

Marble technique painted on the box.

I extended the marble treatment to the
inside of the box as well.

Staining the carved wooden piece.

The finish.

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