Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beneficial Breaks

"The Twister" coaster at Knobles. Very beneficial to
refueling creative energies!

Sometimes it's important to put aside the work in the studio and go and do something completely different from the normal routine because it adds interest and ultimately feeds creative fires. Some days it's honestly important to do NO art work and just have fun because getting away from art and being creative is actually very beneficial to the creative process.

Today, I did just that; I left my paint, my drawings and my model horses behind to enjoy a day riding coasters and other rides at Knobles Amusement Park with my baby brother. The time away from the studio has actually rejuvenated me and a few issues I was having with one piece seem to be smaller now that I've had time away from thinking about the problem. Of course I really just had a ton of fun today. Pure simple fun feeds creative fires and keeps them fresh so don't feel badly if you feel the need to drop everything and just have fun. Its your brain's way of telling you it needs time away from you. lol

Me and my baby brother.

Carousel Horse at the museum in the park.
One of my favorite carousel horses of ALL time.
I'm completely inspired to paint a black horse now. Got one you
want painted black? Email me:

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