Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baby Black Bird: Beauty in Decay V

Set up in the field.

Four baby black birds that fell out of the huge pine tree slowly met their demise this week. One by one a few neighbors and I watched them struggle to get back to their mother. We tried to help but there was little we could really do. I had hopes for the one as it seemed to be trying hard to fly, but in the end it didn't make it. Once the mother stopped screeching we figured all the babies were gone, and we were right. The last baby bird to be found was on my neighbor's property. I agreed to bury it in my garden. I tried not to think about sketching it or painting it and my plan was working since the bird was so black and rather gross with bugs crawling all over it already, but the moment the bird hit the dark soil all the blues and light browns popped out and I couldn't resist.

Another one for the "Beauty in Decay" series I have going here. My least favorite. I rushed through the drawing and the painting as the bugs crawling on it gave me the chills. It was hard to concentrate fully, but the colors were fantastic in this little one.

Graphite drawing. It looked best here I think.

Adding color.

The finish.

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