Saturday, June 9, 2012

Stepping Stones

It had much promise.

Some projects just go south. This project of a "God Box" went south almost immediately and it seemed like the more I worked on it to try and save it, the worse it got all around. I even tried to start another box, but that one was even more disastrous. As I tried to fix one spot, another issue arose in a different area on both boxes. It was like this odd creative disaster domino effect. My patience wore thin and I finally just gave up.

You're probably asking, "What's a God Box?" This is a physical method for releasing all your cares to Heaven. You write from you heart all your prayers, concerns, worries and gratitudes and put them in a specially decorated box and the angels take them to Heaven. A different form of prayer you could say. Something tangible, like mailing a letter. Call it silly, but somehow it just helps some days.

Sometimes you just have to give up on a project though. Even if you can see the end and how beautiful it can be, somehow it just never gets to the finish you've dreamed for whatever reason and you just have to give in and give up. Sometimes such projects are presented to us as a different way to learn. They are difficult and hard lessons sometimes. But, perhaps they are like stepping stones which are really just a path to a different project, a different place and without such stepping stones and trails and tribulations we'd never have the knowledge needed for the next "new" project that is waiting for us to explore.

So, I'll trash the one box and save the decoupaged one even though it's lumpy and bumpy. One day I'll look back and say, "I learned a lot from that stepping stone. I'm glad I made it."

Two boxes in the end equals two stepping stones.

No matter what I did to cover that triangle shape, I couldn't hide it.

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