Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Glazing Part II

Three pieces with a few first layers on.

Earlier I started to discuss glazing techniques and how awful the first layers on a piece sometimes look but how necessary adding strange colors can be on certain pieces.

This Arab mare definitely looked strange the last time I shared her photos, but slowly, with more layers, she's taken on a much more subdued look. All those strange colors under her current coat actually help to make the color more rich and vibrant. Those strange colors also help set the stage for the dappling that the owner has requested on this piece.

At the very end of the page you can see how many layers of glaze and detailing have brought the dappled grey Mini Cromwell to life. If you compare that photo with the very first photo you can see how things do make sense in the end even if they look confusing in the beginning.

Mini Arab mare getting a layer of shocking orange.

Further layers added create a completely different look.

Prepping oil color for dappling.
Yes, back to the shocking orange color.

Light dapples on the body.

Mini Cromwell resin after glazing and detailing work.

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