Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hey Jude

Dude, that mustard yellow shirt...
its gotta go.

Hay Jude....
You need a beauty day!

So it was only a matter of time when someone would ask, "Hay, do you paint statues? My statue needs painting." This guy was in pretty bad shape. I believe the last time he was painted was before I left PA for college...which was (cough) many years (cough) ago. As far back as I can remember into childhood this statue graced our neighbor's lawn. It's safe to say he's probably older than I am.

Scraping, priming and painting fabric green...or blue...or red (traditional colors on such statues) was pretty ho hum but that medallion? Ohhh.....painting that in gold was my favorite part! I like using that gold paint. I must find more projects to use it on.

Ahh...I love when they are
all primed in white.

Yeah, work that medallion.

Earlier in the day I found a bird egg and of course needed to sketch it. No blue in this world comes close to the beauty found in a Robin's egg. I couldn't even reproduce it with my paints.

I love finding eggs.
I have a small collection which is now growing!

A decent attempt

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