Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fresh Flowers

Color, glorious color!

If I had more room on this messy desk
I'd pick myself flowers every day and keep them here.

Some small adventures outside the studio found me purchasing some flowers for the front of my house this morning. Without a doubt, the orange colored flowers attracted me. That color has been very intriguing to me as of late. It has infiltrated into my model horse work by way of a tube of Cadmium Red Light and now it has found it's way into my flat work.

I wish the end result of this piece turned out better. It was a complete failure and after a while I just wasn't feeling happy about adding more paint. The shape of the flowers proved to be a serious challenge for me. I'm still rather baffled by this. In instances like this, where pieces are complete failures, I need to look at other artist's work. In this case I need to see how it was drawn at the very start to understand where I went wrong. Of course, the pieces seemed to start out ok. In the end I bagged it completely and just drew a sparrow.

Pencil drawing on watercolor paper

Adding watercolor to the shapes.

Photo taken very far away
cause I hated it at this point.

A little drawing of a sparrow
saved my creative sanity.

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