Saturday, May 12, 2012

No Chance

Broken window frame which revealed
a special gift.

Mechanical things that cut grass or weeds seem to stand no chance against my wrath. Today, I killed another weed wacker. To date that makes two weed wackers down and a lawn mower. Thankfully, the powers that be have magically brought more mechanical things into my life to replace what I've destroyed and the powers that be have even went beyond the call of duty and supplied me with extras. I guess they just know I'm going to need them. As of today I am the proud owner of another push mower. This one in a luscious champagne color. So I have my choice when cutting grass now....the red, the green or the champagne. Oooh.

There is always a domino effect when things get destroyed in my presence though. For example today was a shinning display of the domino effect. The grass cutter got away on me a bit (oops), it knocked into part of the cellar window breaking the frame and the glass which forced me to inspect the damage. Unfortunately, I couldn't inspect a single thing since the weeds around this area had grown so thick and high that I needed to pull out the weed wacker which slipped and fell out of my hands on the hard concrete floor and know the rest of that story.

So, manual pulling of weeds commenced and in my aggravation I noticed a tiny skull in the basement window hole. A beautifully shaped little sparrow head sticking out from a dried body. It was the most beautiful decayed bird I had found to date. A special little gift at the end of all that aggravation. A special gift only I could probably enjoy. I couldn't wait to draw it.

Found bird.
The skull is so transparent it was perfect for watercolors.

Penciling out the
basic shape.

More layering with watercolor

Graphite, watercolor and acrylics
on watercolor paper.

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Niroot said...

Oh, I would definitely have been pretty excited about the bird remains, too. :)