Monday, April 30, 2012

Broken (Part I)

Broken model with lost leg.

Once and a while a piece comes in that requires a lot of energy, thought and cunning to fix. A "Lil' Pumpkin" resin came in recently that lost it's leg...literally. Yes, she lost her leg and LOST her leg somewhere in her owner's house. She apparently took a tumble and broke her leg and the leg was never found. I felt it might be fun to document how such a break can be handled.

Keep in mind that if you don't have the exact same mold or model you can search other models for legs or body parts that are similar. It's probably best to stick with looking for a plastic body part as casting resin from another artist's resin without permission would be breaking copy right law. Because Lil Pumpkin is my own original sculpture no laws are being broken.

Will recast an entirely new leg using "Alley Goop" which is a 2 part silicone molding clay. It dries in 6-10 minutes.

Alley Goop can be found at

Mix equal parts molding clay together
till they form a light blue color.

Apply to the area you wish to cast.

In approx 10 minutes cut open the casting using an exact knife.

Push air drying epoxy into each half and let dry over night.

More fun with fortune cookie fortunes!

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