Sunday, April 22, 2012

More Decay III (LIttle Bird)

Bird found on the sidewalk

More dead finds brought about more intrigue and fascination this morning. My area is filled with birds, especially song birds, so it's no wonder I'm finding little ones that didn't quite make it here and there in my travels. Nature's way I suppose.

This bird, found on the sidewalk, proved to be an extreme challenge while painting. It had dimension, but it's roundness had been squashed which tricked the eyes. It was flat but parts still retained dimension. There was a ton of brown to paint and the closer I looked the more browns I seemed to have missed. I feel I overworked it completely but it was still fun even though it was an extreme challenge for me.

After spending so much time with him this morning I found him to be a funny little character. Since he's already pretty dried I may keep him in the studio.

Graphite and watercolor


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