Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thoughts on Bear...


My son: "I don't think Bear likes sleeping with me anymore. Every morning I find him on the floor."

Me: "Perhaps you find him on the floor because he spends most of the night, after you fall asleep, on adventures!"

My son: "Ohh, I never thought of that."

So this morning I find the floor empty. Bear is not there, but rather in my son's arms. He says to me that he decided last night that Bear would not go on any adventures. He had a more important job keeping my son company. "I don't like being alone at night Mommy. I just need him here with me. I needed him."

Yeah, I understand, sometimes a stuffed animal comes into your life and is just...special. And they remain special and you always need them...forever.

"Fritz" still bedside even after all these years.

Quick shot of the work desk

Close up of PS Weanling getting a new mane and tail.

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